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I am very excited to let you know the results of our survey and have each question and the results below.

Survey Overview

I am in the process of researching the viability of a business that would provide shelf stable meals (no freezing or refrigeration necessary) that do not contain the following 10 food allergens: eggs, dairy, wheat, soy, fish, shellfish, sesame, mustard, tree nuts or peanuts.

The meals would be made in an allergen free dedicated kitchen using no additives or preservatives since the meals are put in a pouch, sealed and would undergo a "canning" process to make them shelf stable. The pouch would then be microwavable or you could heat the meal in a pot on the stove.

Question #1 - After reading the description above how interested are you in this product?
36% Extremely interested
33% Very interested
24% Moderately interested
4% Slightly interested
3% Not interested at all

Question #2 - What do you like most about this product?
The top answers were: Convenient, gluten free, quick safe meals, free of top 10 allergens, good travel option, no preservatives, produced in a dedicated top allergen free kitchen.

Question #3 - What do you dislike most about this product?
The top concerns were: is it healthy, kids may not like it, cost, not sure about the pouch format, unsure what the "canning" process will be like.

Question #4 - Which of the following features of this product makes you want to purchase it? (Select all that apply.)
90% Free of top 10 allergens
82% Made in an allergen free kitchen
63% Is shelf stable (doesn't need freezing or refrigeration)
73% Convenience
54% Uses organic ingredients
66% Is free of additives or preservatives

Question #5 - How likely are you to recommend this product to someone you know?
41% Extremely likely
30% Very likely
22% Moderately likely
7% Slightly likely
0% Not at all likely

Question #6 - About how much would you be willing to pay for this product? (Please select the number of dollars you are willing to pay.)
17% $4-$5
28% $5-$6
28% $6-$7
12% $7-$8
14% $8-$9

Question #7 - Do you know of any other similar product on the market? If so, please enter the name of the product or company.
Over 90% did not know of another similar product but some suggested companies that had either frozen or freshly made meals such as Go Lunch Picnics, Organic Baby, Angie's Garden and Enjoy Life which is more snacks than meals.

Question #8 - If our new product was available today, how likely would you be to use it instead of competing products currently available from other companies?
26% Extremely likely
41% Very likely
25% Moderately likely
7% Slightly likely
1% Not likely at all

Question #9 - How likely are you to buy this product in the next 3 months?
24% Extremely likely
43% Very likely
19% Moderately likely
8% Slightly likely
6% Not likely at all

Question #10 - Do you or a family member have food allergies? If so what is the age range? (Please choose multiple ages if more than one person has food allergies or sensitivities)
31% ages 0-5
36% ages 6-12
18% ages 13-19
14% ages 20-29
19% ages 30-39
16% ages 40-49
4% ages 50-59
4% over 60